Vysota 2320 – taste on the top in all senses.


Have you ever dined among the blossoming rosebays and the snowy summits on the altitude of 2320 meters? No! Then you should visit restaurant “Vysota 2320”!
You will get the splendid with of the Caucasian range, mountain Aibga and Black Sea through the panoramic windows. Sitting on the wooden terrace and breathing in fresh mountain air you will definitely feel the real taste of life! The restaurant is unique because of its place (the peak of Rosa Khutor), and as we all know, the altitude strengthens the appetite! Here you will definitely please it and will get to the highest point of delight!
The menu consists of two parts: local Black Sea cuisine and classic European cuisine. Every dish is the work of art which will be prepared just in front of you. Some of the ingredients are gathered exactly in the mountains, the products are bought from the local farmers and the fish – from the local trout household. Even the hot mulled wine is exceptional here and is considered to be the best in the region!